NEW for June 2003

Krazy & Ignatz Volume 3:  The Komplete Krazy Kat 1929-1930
by George Herriman
It's here at last!  Another two full years of the greatest newspaper comics strip of all time.  Savor and enjoy!  Swell cover designs continue by Mr. Chris Ware.
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

The Frank Book
by Jim Woodring
Kazowie!  What can you say about a book like this except that they did it right.  Here it is:  The complete Frank in full color and B & W (as they originally appeared) arranged in chronological order (I think), beautifully printed and handsomely bound in cloth with a nice dust-jacket and even a sewn-in bookmark!  Introduction by Francis Ford Coppola.
retail price - $39.95 copacetic price - $33.95

Arthur #5
Arthur takes on the world of war with the help of Art Spiegelman, Alan Moore, Michael Moorcock, Patti Smith, David Byrne and more.  Plus comics!
copacetic price - FREE!

Louis Reil #10
by Chester Brown
This is it, the conclusion.  You might have thought Chester would never manage to finish it, but here it is, done!
retail price - $2.95 copacetic price - $2.50

By Brakhage DVD
This two-disc set from Criterion features over two dozen of the greatest films by the most important experimental film-maker of all time.  Believe it or not, this is perhaps the most important DVD release yet to occur as it will make Brakhage's films available to the general populace for the first time, thereby enabling the creation of a whole new audience for films which heretofore have only been seen by the cognoscenti.
retail price - $39.98 copacetic price - $33.97

The Believer #3
Yes, the streak continues as the third issues arrives right on schedule.  This issue features articles on Dune, European perspectives on Americans, the novels of Steve Erickson, and more; along with interviews with Richard Rorty, Liz Phair and others.
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price - $7.20
Also just in from McSweeney’s:
To Ruhleben and Back by Geoffrey Pyke
A neglected tale of WWI, written by “one of the 20the century’s most brilliant eccentrics” is brought back into print in a fine cloth covered edition.
retail price - $18.00 copacetic price - $16.20
The Berlin Years by Marcel Dzama
“A 32 page-scrapbook, very strange, rare and revelatory accompanied by a slipcased portfolio of 32 individual, loose-leaf, high-quality reproductions of Dzama’s work, suitable for framing.”
retail price - $30.00 copacetic price - $27.00

Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman
“The world’s top comics creators pay tribute to the world’s greatest comics writer in his 50the year.”
352 pages on, by and about the man himself.  Highly recommended to serious Alan Moore aficianados: you will find much to enjoy here.  For the rest of you, the highlights include: a nice concise (twelve-page) comics style biography (Biographic™) of Moore by Gary Spencer Millidge; “Hungry is the Heart,” a twelve-page comic by Moore and the inimitable Dame Darcy; and a fifteen page remenisence by Swamp Thing artist, Steve Bissette, “Mr. Moore and Me.” And, if reading this volume inspires you to seek out more by Moore, the editors have thoughtfully appended a listing of all the extant volumes that collect his work.
retail price - $14.99 copacetic price - $12.75

Promethea: Book 3
by Alan Moore, KJH Williams III & Mick Gray
$14.95 copacetic price - $12.70

The Complete Geisha
by Andi Watson
Like the title says, it’s all here.
retail price - $15.95 copacetic price - $13.55

Judge Dredd: The Day the Law Died
by John Howard, Brian Bolland & Mike McMahon w/ Brendan McCarthy & Brett Ewins, Gary Leach, Ron Smith & Dave Gibbons
144 pages; deluxe hardcover
A classic from the Archives.
retail price - $24.95 copacetic price - $21.20

The Comics Journal Special
Vol. 3 - Special Edition - Winter 2003
Cartoonists on Patriotism
The gang’s all here!  We’ve had this one in stock for awhile but kept forgetting to list it.  Sorry.
retail price - $22.95 copacetic price - $18.35

The Cat on a Hot Thin Groove
The complete collection of 78rpm artwork from the old Record Changer magazine
by Gene Deitch
Fantagraphics, long trying to break into the coffee-table-book market (although, to be honest, we wish they'd give it up), finally gets it right with this super-duper oversize (14 x 11”) hardcover that binds together 160 ultra-heavy stock pages featuring comics-legend, Kim Deitch’s dad letting it all hang out.  These illustrations range from spare Virgil Partch-esque single-panel cartoons that turn the spotlight on the frantic mindset of the compulsive record collector to the elegant and truly marvelous artworks that graced the covers of Record Chnager magazine.  The pieces collected in this book provide the reader with, among other things, a visual charting of the rise of the bebop jazz sensibility in the late 1940s.  This book will propell you back to the days when the visual side of our popular music culture was often most successfully realized in the print medium (hard to believe, I know) and have you pulling out your old Bird & Diz platters before you can say klactoveesedsteen.
retail price - $39.95 copacetic price - $31.95

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NEW for May 2003

by Marjane Satrapi
Translated by Mattias Ripa and Blake Ferris

A New graphic novel from Pantheon Books (home to Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, among others) about which The New York Times has this to say: "Like Spiegelman's Maus, Satrapi's book combines political history and memoir, portraying a country's 20th-century upheavals through the story of one family.  Her protagonist is Marji, a tough, sassy little Iranian girl, bent on prying from her evasive elders if not truth, at least a credible explanation of the travails they are living though."  Persepolis is a moving, sometimes disturbing, yet still enjoyable account of what it was like to be a girl growing up privileged in Iran from roughly 1975-1985.  You get a picture -- limited by the author's perspective, certainly -- of what life was like inside Iran during these years that is much more real, dramatic and heartfelt than anything yet produced by the mainstream media.  A good choice for people who don't consider themselves comics readers, but are willing to give it a try.
hardcover; 153 pgs.
retail price - $17.95 copacetic price - $16.15

Barefoot Gen: A Cartoon History of Hiroshima
by Keiji Nakazawa
The complete four volume set is finally coming back into print at last!  This is it, one of the most important comics works of all time.  This book chronicles one family’s experience living in Hiroshima during WWII.  This opening chapter alone is a moving chronicle of one family’s hardships during wartime, but Barefoot Gen will always be remembered most for its absolutely searing first-person account of experiencing the first atomic bombing.  There is no other account in any medium that matches the power of Nakazawa’s.  Produced in the early 1970s, Barefoot Gen precedes Art Spiegelman’s Maus by more than a decade, and in fact -- as Spiegelman’s introduction attests -- was a profound influence on that Pulitzer Prize winning work. Barefoot Gen almost single-handedly established the genre of comics-as-dramatic-history that has gone on to produce other great works in addition to Maus, such as the works of Joe Sacco (Palestine, Safe Area Gorazde) and the just released Persepolis (see above), among many others.
retail price - $14.95@ copacetic price - $12.70@

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth
by Chris Ware
softcover edition
Yes, for those of you who have been holding out for the softcover edition, the wait is finally over.  One of the most widely lauded works (and deservedly so) in the history of comics is now available in a quite reasonably priced softcover edition.  Completists take note:  This edition sports new front and back cover art and contains a new two page epilogue.
retail price - $17.95  copacetic price - $14.35

The Believer #2
The McSweeney's crowd strikes again with the second issue actually arriving on schedule!  This issue features pieces by Sven Birkets and Rick Moody as well as interviews with Judith Butler, Jack White (on upholstering!?) and Pat Benatar(!). Plus:  illustrated headings by Gilbert Hernandez throughout the issue!
retail price - $8.00 copacetic price - $7.20

To learn more about The Believer, visit their site.

Forlorn Funnies #3
by Paul Hornschemeier
retail price - $3.95 copacetic price - $3.35

The Comics Journal #252
Featuring an odd coupling of interviews:  John Romita Sr. and Ron Regé Jr. Plus the ususal gang of opinionated comics fanatics.
retail price - $6.95 copacetic price -$ 5.90

Monkey vs. Robot and the Crystal of Power
by James Kochalka
The long awaited sequal to Monkey vs. Robot is here at last!
retail price - $14.95 copacetic price - $11.95

Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey Volume 4 # 1
$2.99   copacetic price - $2.69

The Ganzfeld no.3
The Ganzfeld is a true one-of-a-kind publication and #3 is by far the best issue yet.  The editors once again bring together a unique group of designers, illustrators, cartoonists, and artists in a coherent, strongly designed format. It features a unique collaboration between Rick Moody and Fred Tomaselli; a new picture story by designer Geoff McFetridge, and even an illustrated essay by Alfred Hitchcock. Lengthy comics and picture stories are contributed by an international group, Renée French, Ron Rege, Jr., Blexbolex, Brian Ralph.  The major highlight of the book is Peter Blegvad's contribution :  a highly innovative piece that is a stellar work of genius. Really, it's that good.  No one compares to Blegvad.  He's in a class by himself here.  (If you aren't familiar with Peter Blegvad's work, do yourself a favor and check out The Book of Leviathan.) The Ganzfeld #3 also puts the spotlight on history: profiles include the inventor of the Macy's Parade Balloons; a special 40-page section devoted to the art collective The Hairy Who, and articles on Bruegel and deep space photography. Also: humorous picture stories on color theory, where we go when we die, and the lost genre of blank books. And much more, all bound together and accentuated by impeccable graphic design.

Edited/Published/Designed by Peter Buchanan-Smith and Dan Nadel
Published by Monday Morning
ISBN 0-9713670-1-9
8 x 9.65", paperback; 208 pages, 160/color, 48/black and white.
retail price - $24.95  copacetic price - $22.45

To learn more about The Ganzfeld, visit their way cool site.

Free Comic Book Day 2 lives on!
Well, it's true -- Free Comic Book Day 2 has now come and gone... but at the Copacetic Comics Company its spirit lives on in the form of "Maharajah Donald."  We'll give a copy of this comic book to any one who asks for one for as long as we have copies in stock.  All it takes is a little bit of reading between the lines to realize that this comic is a parable --  of the old world meets the new; of immigrants and empire; of risk and reward; of exploitation and capitalism; of, finally, the American condition -- that is as valid now as it was when it was first created over fifty years ago.

Louis Reil #9 by Chester Brown - retail price - $2.95  copacetic price - $2.50

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NEW for April 2003

Spirited Away DVD
One of the greatest animated films in history is now available on DVD in this special 2-Disc package loaded with extras.
retail price - $29.98 copacetic price - $25.47

Absolute Beginners DVD
The brilliant, influential 1980s musical that no one has seen is now avilable on DVD.
retail price - $14.95 copaceticprice - $11.95

James Kochalka's Sketchbook Diary 3
The year 2001 as lived and chronicled by our American elf.
retail price - $7.95 copacetic price - $6.35

McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales
Edited by Michael Chabon
Well written and fun.  A perfect bedside companion.
retail price - $13.95 copacetic price - $11.85

Made in Pittsburgh Trio!
Three new comics titles made right here in the 'Burgh:
•Street Angel #1
by Dick Troutman & Brian Maruca
24 pages - $3.00
•Outfitters #6: Sucks
by Dick Troutman
48 pages - $2.00
•The Gypsy Lounge
by Jasen Lex
192 pages! Softcover TPB
half-toned interior pages on heavy glossy stock
with full color cover
retail price - $13.95 copacetic price - $10.00 locals rule special price!


Love and Rockets #7
The latest of the greatest!
$3.95 copacetic price - $3.15

The Comics Journal #251 James Sturm and more  $6.95  copacetic price - $5.55

Mutts Book VIII:  I Want to Be the Kitty
by Patrick McDonnell
Now in stock!
$10.95  copacetic price - $9.85

Redbird Brand Comics & Stories #1
by Dan Zettwoch

Here it is, hot off the press!  Dan Zettwoch has an intuitive grasp of the innate idea of the comic book as an objective realization of the uniquely American character of mind that has been brought into being by the century long free reign of mass production driven market forces.  In Redbird he has consummately constituted his highly idiosyncratic vision.
copacetic price - $2.00

A Mega Shipment of Dover Thrift Editions
Remember the days when you could walk into a book store and buy a brand new copy of a great book for two or three dollars?  Well, those days are here again at the Copacetic Comics Company.  Dover Publications continues to print nice trade editions of the classics, all priced at a mere $1.00 - $3.50, and we now have their entire catalogue of hundreds of titles in stock!  We've had to squeeze them into every nook and cranny, but they're there if you look for them.  Or just ask.  Here's the list.

Insane 1980s Comics Set Sale
Speaking of rolling back the hands of time, here's another opportunity to pay twenty year old prices today.  We've just purchased a collection of over 1000 comics from the 1980s composed almost entirely of long consecutive runs of major titles and complete sets of limited series.  We don't have the space to keep these comics in stock so we've put them all into sets and are pricing them -- for the most part -- at their original 1980s prices -- or less!  This works out -- on average -- to only 75¢ per comic.    Remember, once these are gone, they're gone.  Here they are.

Captain America: What Price Glory?
>>>>>>>>>SET SPECIAL<<<<<<<<<<
A four-issue limited series entirely pencilled by Steve "the dude" Rude, and inked by ace old-school Kirby-inker Mike Royer!  We have to admit that we were disappointed with the script by veteran scribe Bruce Jones (presently at work on The Hulk), but it is always a treat to see Steve Rude tackle a classic character, and Royer's inks are a perfect fit on this off-beat Captain America adventure.  Plus, our special price on the complete set helps to make it a solid value.

complete set (1 - 4):  retail price - $11.96   copacetic price - $7.17

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