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Bib Box of Monty PThe Complete Monty Python's
Flying Circus Collector's Edition Mega-Set

Copacetic Comics is amazed to present
our second Depression Buster Bargain
A mind-boggling box of 21 discs featuring just about everything ever produced for television under the aegis of
Monty Python's Flying Circus, and then some – over 36 hours worth (and that's not even including the copious bonus material) – at an equally mind-boggling price!  The complete series, three live films, one German television show, six personal best shows, two NEW documentary films and bonus galore! 

What can we say about Monty Python that hasn't been said before?  Taking the angsty absurdity of post-WWII European existentialists across the English channel and then running it through the Goon Show grinder, and, via American ex-pat and former Harvey Kurtzman underling,Terry Gilliam, adding a touch of Mad, the Python posse somehow stumbled on a secret formula involving a heretofore unseen combination of startlingly original format, style and sense of humor that gave birth to a once in a lifetime television experience that is now available at  may be a once in a lifetime price.  Perfect timing, we say. 

retail price - $159.95
copacetic depression buster price - Sold out AGAIN! (sorry...)

>>> And, yes, you guessed it, this is a limited, one-time offer made possible by a special purchase.  Once these copies – all brand new, factory sealed originals – are gone, then that's it.  You have been warned.

Set Specifications

First off, here’s the official A & E hype:

The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus Collector’s Edition Mega-Set

WARNING: TOXIC JOCULARITY ENCLOSED. Inside this decorative carton lurk four seasons of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, two NEW-to-DVD documentaries, two Monty Python LIVE performances, and six “Personal Best” compilations. The whole great mess--Spam tins, parrot carcasses, blancmanges, and all--has been safely digitized, compressed into microscopic “funny bits,” pressed onto 21 shiny discs, and sealed within this whimsy-proof receptacle. SO DON’T OPEN IT! All right, if you must. But beware: there’s new material you can’t repeat verbatim (yet).

“Before the Flying Circus” employs rare vintage footage to explore the influences that shaped six young lunatics into the world’s most innovative comedy troupe, while “Monty Python Conquers America” documents their tremendous, yet astonishingly unlikely, American success. The six “Personal Best” collections present the best sketches and songs, as selected, arranged, and hosted by the individual Pythons themselves. And, of course, Monty Python Live” shows what happens when absurd TV sketches are inflicted on live audiences. Now stop reading and put a disc in your DVD machine. This bloody box of buffoonery can’t watch itself.

DVD Features: Weblink to PythonShop.com; Meet the Chaps; Pythonism Glossary; Gillianimations Art Gallery; Preview Upcoming Episodes; Troupe Career Highlights; Post-Python Troup Highlights; Bleeding Critics; Confusing Musings; Pythonisms; Behind the Scenes of John Cleese’s Personal Best; Terry Gilliam’s Featurette “A Retrospective of Python’s Animation”; Personal Second-Best Featurettes from Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin; Six 15-Question, 15-Ton Megaquizzes; Python Troupe Biographies and Selected Credits; Deleted Scenes

Here’s a fairly in-depth blog review of the box, that will provide you with more details along with some pros and cons for the set.

Inside BoxHere's a breakdown of the 21 Discs:

Discs 1 - 14 - Here's where you'll find ALL 45 episodes of the original Monty Python’s Flying Circus BBC television series that originally aired in England from m1969 through 1973, along with a bunch of oddball bonuses

Discs 15 & 16 - 2 NEW documentaries: Before the Flying Circus and Monty Python Conquers America:

This one presents an inside look at how Monty Python was born and features interviews with the Pythons, rare personal photos, home movies, University era cast recordings and much more!

This film chronicles the Troup’s meteoric rise from its humble U.S. beginnings to changing the face of comedy as the Yanks knew it! Hank Azaria, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Fallon, Carl Reiner, David Hyde Pierce, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and many others discuss how Monty Python changed their lives.

Discs 17 & 18 - Monty Python Live!  Featuring a 72-minute group highlight show hosted by Steve Martin entitled Parrot Sketch Not Included: 20 Years of Python. Also included is one of the two episodes of the aborted German-language television series Monty Python's Fliegerder Zirkus (sadly, the other is not here), and two stage performances: Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl and Monty Python's Flying Circus: Live at Aspen, which mix live performances of classic skits with film clips from the show.

Discs 19 - 21All six Monty Python’s Personal Best shows (these were originally released on 6 discs,so you're getting double you're money here [well, sort of – depending on how you look at it...]).  These contain original material of each of the Pythons intorducing their favorite sketches and then the sketches themselves.

Approximate run time:  36 hrs., 29 mins.  + bonus extras!


Exclusive Featurettes with the Pythons

Terry Gilliam’s A Retrospective of Python’s

Two Megaquizzes

Troupe Highlights


Bleeding Critics

Confusing Musings

Meet the Chaps

Pythonism Glossary

Gillianimations Art Gallery

Biographies and Selected Credits

A lifetime of laughter... for less!

retail price - $159.95
copacetic depression buster price - sold out AGAIN (sorry...)

>>> And, yes, you guessed it, this is a limited, one-time offer made possible by a special purchase.  Once these copies – all brand new, factory sealed originals – are gone, then that's it.  You have been warned.

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