TITLE cond. price notes
Al Jaffee's Mad (Yecch!) Monstrosities
2nd Ed. 1979
The Bedside Mad F $4.00 2nd Edition 8th print
The Dirty Old Mad F+ $5.00 13th print  - 1976
The Indigestible Mad VG/F $4.00 1st Warner print  - 1975
The Mad Adventures of Captain Klutz
1st Ed. 8th print - 197?
The Mad Book of of Magic
F- $5.00 by Al Jaffee
1st Edition 7th print
Mad for Better or Verse VF $6.00 by Frank Jacobs
4th print
A Mad Guide to Leisure Time VF- $6.00 by DeBartolo & Woodbridge
1st Edition 1st print  - 1976
The Mad Sampler F/VF $5.00 1st Warner print  - 1973
Mad Strikes Back! VG/F $8.00 scarce psychedelic cover
1st Edition 18th print  - 1970
Madvertising F/VF $5.00 1st Edition 7th print
The Mad Worry Book F- $5.00 by Tom Koch & Bob Clarke
1st Edition 1st print
Mad's Al Jaffee Spews Out More
Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

1st. ed  8th print 197?
Mad's Dave Berg Looks at
Our Sick World
1st Edition 2nd print - 1971
Mad's Dave Berg Looks at People
$4.00 1st Warner print  - 1973
Mad's Maddest Artist Don Martin
Steps Out
(1st Don Martin solo book)
$4.00 1st Edition 16th print  - 197?
Mad's Don Martin Comes on Strong VG/F $4.00 2nd Print - 1971
The Recycled Mad F/VF $5.00 7th print  - 1976
The Return of a Mad Look at Old Movies VF- $8.00 1st Edition 1st print  - 1970
Steaming Mad F $5.00 1981 edition

Related Paperbacks by Mad Artists
TITLE cond. price notes
Al Jaffee Illustrates Rotten Rhymes
and Other Crimes
VF+ $  8.00 written by Nick Meglin
1st Edition 1st print  - 1978
Al Jaffee's Next Book F $  6.00 1st Edition 1st print  - 1977
Al Jaffee Sinks to a New Low VF $  6.00 1st Edition 4th print  - 1979
Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book F- $20.00 1st Edition 1st print  - 1959
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