Love and Rockets: New #1¡now in stock!
Love and Rockets:
New Stories #1

by the Hernandez brothers

Love and Rockets is dead!  Long live Love and Rockets!!  What we mean is:  Love and Rockets Volume 2, the standard comic book size format series which has carried Love and Rockets through the last eight years, is no more.  In it's place we have the first issue of Love and Rockets: New Stories, a 100 page annual (Annual?  Only one Love and Rockets per year?  How will we survive?  ¡sob!) of all new work by the one and only los hermanos Hernandez.

Here's the Fanta hype:

Love and Rockets: New Stories #1 reboots the beloved ongoing "Love and Rockets" comic into a fat, all-new annual graphic novel length package.

Jaime launches the new format with a story that's unusual even for him... A full-on, pulse-pounding super-hero yarn! Maggie's longtime friend Penny Century has finally realized her longtime dream of acquiring super-powers, but at a terrible personal cost. Now she rampages through the galaxy, half mad with grief, and a motley group of super-heroes assembles to try to stop her -- led by Maggie's girlfriend Angel and her mysterious neighbor Alarma, and involving a number of characters longtime Love and Rockets fans will delight in recognizing.

The epic-length 50-page story (only the first half of the saga!) combines Jaime's razor sharp characterization and superlative art with wildly inventive, Kirby-style slam-bang super-hero action.

Then Gilbert Hernandez explodes with a similarly generous helping of his fantastically creative one-shot short stories: "Tamanny" (rookie cop vs. demonic drug users); "Papa" (a turn-of-the-century story involving a traveling businessman); "The New Adventures of Duke and Sammy" (super-powered Martin and Lewis impostors in outer space); "The Tender Room" (Into the Wild as re-imagined by Beto); "Chiro el Indio" (written by third brother Mario Hernandez); and "Never Say Never" (a kangaroo gets lucky in Las Vegas).

One hundred pages of Jaime, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez at the peak of their powers: this is a major graphic-novel event!

Format: Softcover • Pages: 100 • Dimensions:  6.625" x 9" • ISBN-13:  978-1-56097-951-7

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