Kay Starr
For Real
2-Disc Proper Pair

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44 songs on two discs.  All recorded between 1945 and 1952.  Kay Starr -- she's bluesy but she belts them out.  Born in Oklahoma in 1922 to a full-blooded Iroquois father and a mother of Irish descent, Katherine LaVerne Starks started singing in local talent shows while still a child, and made such an impression that she was awarded a fifteen minute radio program three times a week on Dallas radio station WWR, when she was only nine years old!  Joe Venuti signed her as the vocalist for his band in 1937, and she paid her dues and honed her voice and singing style for eight years, singing with Glenn Miller and Bob Crosby bands along the way.  After WWII she signed to Capital and started recording the standards, and they're all here.  This is part of the Proper Pairs series from the UK, so the digital transfers are excellent and the 16-page booklet is put together by Joop Visser, the Mr. Know-It-All of Jazz.


 1. SHARECROPPIN’ BLUES Robinson, Mayer P1944 2.58
 2. IF I COULD BE WITH YOU Creamer, Johnson P1945 2.44
 3. SHOULD I ? Freed, Brown P1945 3.13
 4. HONEY Whiting, Gillespie P1945 3.04
 5. I AIN’T GONNA CRY NO MORE Morrison P1945 3.14
 6. DON’T MEDDLE IN MY MOOD Morrison P1945 3.03
 7. AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ Razaf, Waller, Brooks P1946 2.04
 8. HONEYSUCKLE ROSE Razaf, Waller P1946 2.44
 9. THEM THERE EYES Pinkard, Tracey, Tauber P1946 2.00                                 
10. I’VE GOT MY LOVE TO KEEP ME WARM Berlin P1946 1.58
      Conrad, Rose P1946 1.56
     Yellen, Ager P1946 2.20
13. HE’S FUNNY THAT WAY Moret, Whiting P1947 3.25
14. NEVERTHELESS Kalmar, Ruby P1947    2.19
15. IT’S A GOOD DAY Barbour, Lee P1947 1.57
16. MAYBE YOU’LL BE THERE Bloom, Gallop P1947 2.20
17. PRETTY BABY Van Alstyne, Kahn, Jackson P1947 1.53
18. PLEASE LOVE ME Jarvis, Starr, Pripps P1947    2.55
19. STARS FELL ON ALABAMA Parish, Perkins P1947 2.49
      De Sylva, Brown, Henderson P1947 1.34
21. IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING Myrow, Gordon P1947 3.08
22. I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU Dubin, Warren P1947 2.22

 1. SO TIRED Morgan, Stuart P1947 2.14
 2. LEAVE ME A MEMORY OR TWO Unknown P1947 3.27
 3. FOR THE FIRST TIME Schwarz, Nietz P1947 2.10
 4. I’VE GOT MY LOVE TO KEEP ME WARM Berlin P1947 1.55
 5. I’M THE LONESOMEST GAL IN TOWN Van Tilzer, Brown P1950 2.44
 6. YOU WERE ONLY FOOLIN’ (WHILE I WAS FALLING IN LOVE) Fotine, Faber, Meadows P1948   3.03
 7. BONAPARTE’S RETREAT King P1950 2.26
 8. SOMEDAY SWEETHEART Spikes, Spikes P1950 2.27
 9. A WOMAN LIKES TO BE TOLD Adamson, Carmichael P1950 3.12                
10. SIDE BY SIDE Woods P1950 2.50
11. IT’S THE TALK OF THE TOWN Livingston, Symes, Neiburg P1950      3.06
12. TOO BUSY Conn, Miller P1950   1.49
13. WAITING AT THE END OF THE ROAD Berlin P1950 2.09
14. TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME David, Rose P1950 2.37
15. I JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT BABY Nichols, Holiner P1950      2.48
16. THE BREEZE (THAT’S BRINGING MY HONEY BACK TO ME) Sacco, Smith, Lewis P1950 2.29
17. EVERYBODY’S SOMEBODY’S FOOL Hampton, Adams, Adams P1950 3.06
18. LOVESICK BLUES Friend, Mills P1951 2.50
19. WHEEL OF FORTUNE Benjamin, Weiss P1952 3.04
20. I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING Arlen, Koehler P1952 1.47
21. FOOL, FOOL, FOOL Ertegun P1952 2.11
22. COMES A-LONG-A-LOVE Sherman P1952 2.23

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