The Warner Brothers Gangsters Collection on DVD

This is what we've got:

•Angels with Dirty Faces
•Little Caesar
•The Petrified Forest
•The Public Enemy
•The Roaring Twenties
•White Heat!

They're all here, the greatest Warner gangster movies of all time .  The films included in this collection all sell individually for $19.99 each, making this collection, like the Warner Noir Collection before it, an amazing value; but there's even more!  This time around the DVDs are jam packed with bonuses:  each film is accompanied by an original classic Warner Brothers cartoon, a newsreel and a short film -- all originating from the same time period as the film itself -- so as to replicate the original viewing experience -- and each film is also accompanied by historical commentary by noted film historians, including former University of Pittsburgh prof, Dana Polan.

Visit this great DVD Times page to get all the details.

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copacetic price - $59.92

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prices and availability current as of 15 June 2006