copacetic cut-rate #2
Still Weird
by Gahan Wilson
Forge Press; 288 pages

retail price - $13.95
copacetic cut-rate - $6.97

When it comes to employing the art of cartooning to visualize the lurking fears, anxieties and other various perplexities which fill our subconscious minds, no one does it better that Gahan Wilson.  Armed with nothing more than pen and paper, Mr. Wilson manages to again and again conquer these inner demons which haunt us all.  This he accomplishes in no small measure because he is himself on more intimate terms with these inner demons than most.  This intimacy allows him to enjoy extended stays in their company, gaining for him a closer look, which, through his skills as both an observer and reporter, he manages to eloquently convey to us, his devoted readers, with unsurpassed skill and aplomb. And it is through these communications that we-- both Mr. Wilson and his devotees-- are freed from the power that these demons use to lord over us.  Upon being exposed to the light of consciousness their absurd and doomed nature stands graphically revealed to us and we simultaneously feel and express our relief that this recognition provides in peals of raucous laughter.  Our stress is calmed and we are left renewed and able to go out into the world and face once again that terrible thing known as "reality."

This book is a great compendium of choice classics, along with a sprinkling of close to one hundred cartoons collected nowhere else.  The single caveat to this otherwise flawless bargain, is that the reproduction leaves something to be desired.  While this has scant effect upon the appearance of the vast majority of the cartoons herein collected  and in no way impinges on their enjoyment, there are a handful or so where this is not the case and you can't help but wish they had tried a little harder to get it right.  This minor quibble is more than compensated for by the reduction in price.

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