Future DictionaryThe Future Dictionary of America

"A brilliant, acerbic and provocative imagining of the American language sometime in the future, when all or most of our country's problems are solved and the present administration is a distant memory.  An unprecedented Book-CD package to benefit progressive causes featuring over 200 of America's best writers, artists & musicians.   Every cent of the proceeds will go directly to groups working for the public good in the 2004 election."   (jacket copy)

Put together by the folks at McSweeney's -- with a little bit of help from their friends over at Barsuk Records -- this item is about as good as it gets:  a wholesome treat for the eyes and ears that provides quality sustenance for the mind while the money spent upon its purchase goes towards benfitting a more progressive
world.  The book features hundreds of witty and insightful neologisms alongside of (hopefully) ironic definitions for present terms by an amazing agglomeration of writers including Diane Ackerman, Paul Auster, Aimee Bender, T.C. Boyle, Michael Chabon, Michael Cunningham, David Eggers, Rick Moody, ZZ Packer, Katha Pollitt, Richard Powers, Simon Schama, Art Spiegelman, and Kurt Vonnegut, whose sobering essay, "Cold Turkey," concludes the collection.  While many of the definitions are simply witty put-downs of the present administration and its cohorts, many more are fanciful and clever imaginings of life in America's future, told in the form of dictionary (some close to encyclopedic in their thoroughness) definitions.

This compendium is accompanied by hundreds of cartoon illustrations and a 12-page full color center section featuring a five-page Chris Ware piece along with work by Michael Kupperman and others. 

The 22-track CD that handily and snugly rests inside the back cover presents musical rarities and other work by the likes of Tom Waits, R.E.M, Sleator-Kinney, They Might Be Giants and Nada Surf, and closes with a haunting Elliot Smith tune. 

We encourage you to participate in this publishing event.  In keeping with the spirit of the project, we are offering this item at an especially copacetic price.

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