Essential Movies of the Decade:
Film Posters: The 1930s through the 1990s

edited by Tony Nourmand & Graham Marsh

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This series offers up seven, lushly printed, full color, oversize, 128 page, softcover volumes which together comprise the best collection of movie posters we've ever come across.   The editors of the series, Tony Nourmand & Graham Marsh, have not only chosen the best movies they've chosen the best posters of the best movies -- and when the situation warrants it, sometimes several different posters for the same film.  The series is notable for not limiting itself to Hollywood films:  there are posters for films from around the world on display here, with a notable weighting --  after Hollywood, of course -- towards the films of Europe, France in particular.  But, not only that, several films get the international treatment whereby we are shown how different countries presented the same film (For example: there are posters from 3 or 4 different countries for the classic Howard Hawks film, To Have and Have Not, starring Bogart & Bacall).  Also, on some occasions we are only shown the poster for a film that was produced outside of the film's home country (for example: the amazing Polish posters for three different Peter Greenaway films, none of which we had ever laid eyes on before).  We feel compelled to add that the covers shown above poorly reflect their contents and simply do not do justice to the books themselves -- as anyone who takes a  moment to crack open any one of these volumes and flip through a few pages will quickly discover for themselves.

The '30s and '40s are strong on crime drama and noir -- posters for Scarface, Public Enemy, The Big Sleep, Detour, Out of the Past and many other classics are on display.  The age of the auteur dawns with the '50s as we get plenty of great posters for films by the likes of Hawks, Aldrich, Preminger, Wilder, Fellini, Godard, Antonioni, Coppola, Allen, Scorcese, the Coen brothers, Tarantino and plenty more.

Everybody is likely to have a favorite period -- we're partial to the films (and posters) of the '40s, '50s and '60s ourselves -- but we have to say that Nourmand and Marsh have really picked classics from each and every decade.  Best of all, through a special purchase, we are able to offer all seven volumes for less than half of their original price.  And not only that:  to encourage those among you who find this series as enticing as we did to take the plunge and get the whole kaboodle, we're offering all seven volumes for one special price.

Please note that our supply of these really is limited (especially so on the volumes for the '30s, '40s' and '90s, and thus also on the complete sets as well), so if these sound up your alley -- don't delay! 

retail price - $17.99@
special price - $8.88@



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