Here is a scandalously incomplete bibliography of Deitch work within the last fifteen years; compiled by Yakov Chodosh.



- The Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Fantagraphics one-shot magazine; reprinted in The Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

- The Mishkin File (one-shot, Fantagraphics Books; reprinted in The Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

- No Business Like Show Business (1-shot, Ray Zone, 32 pp). Ledicker. This story is formally brilliant, even for Deitch. Every page is set up like a full-page circus poster but the narrative is extremely satisfying even with the low "panel count." One page even has working stereograms.

- Shadowland (#1 & #2, Fantagraphics, 32 pp.). Part of Deitch's other saga, of the Ledicker circus dynasty. o/p

- The Stuff of Dreams
(incredible new one-shot magazine)

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- Waldo World (three issues, Fantagraphics Books; reprinted in The Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

- Zero Zero #21 - #27, serialization of The Search for Smilin' Ed , A Waldo story.


- All Waldo Comics (a book of early Waldo stories)

- A Shroud for Waldo (a story that was serialized in the L.A. Weekly)

- Beyond the Pale (Fantagraphics, 144 pp.): A huge collection of Deitch stories, mostly culled from his older underground comics that are impossible to find today.  Includes one fold-out page Anthropomorphism in which everything on the page is a living cartoon.  This one is amazing!

- Hollywoodland (Fantagraphics).

- Alice's Adventures Under Ground (Word-Play, 88 pp.). Words by Lewis Carroll, forward by Mark Burnstein, illos by Deitch. I've never seen it but it's probably great. Expensive.

- Raw vol. 2, no. 1. "Karla In Kommieland." Stand-alone, 10 pp., including one page of straight autobiography (atypical for Deitch).  Look on Bookfinder.

- Raw vol. 2, no. 2: "The Road to Rana Poona." 9 pages, last one in color. Ledicker saga.  Again, look on Bookfinder.  Can be found very cheap.

 RAW vol. 2 no. 3:  The first appearance of The Boulevard of Broken Dreams (which was also printed as a Fantagraphics one-shot magazine and is reprinted in The Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

- Little Lit 2: Strange Stories for Strange Kids (HarperCollins).  "These Cats Today!"  5 heavenly full-color pages.

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The work of Kim Deitch is a classic example of an acquired taste.  Once you acquire the taste, tho'--   look out--  you're going to be hunting this stuff down.  Good luck!


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