Dark City
the lost world of film noir

by Eddie Muller
St. Martin's; 208 pages; softcover

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This book wins the Best All Round Film Noir Companion Award hands down.  Crammed full of iconic noir images in the form of hundreds of film stills, publicity shots, lobby cards and movie posters, all in glorious black and white -- except for a special full color movie poster section -- Dark City is fabulous just to sit and flip through.  But it's also much more:  It's a well written analytical history of the genre from origin to conclusion, focusing on its antecedents and its conventions, its helmsmen and its guiding lights, and most of all on the individual films themselves: giving equal time to the big hits and to the lesser known gems that burn darkly in their obscurity.

Whether you are already a confirmed member of the noir cognoscenti or a noir ingenue with a yen for more, this book fits the bill.

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