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This is a one time offer of these brand new editions of some of Drawn & Quarterly's finest publications -- all straight from the warehouse and all priced 40% - 70% below retail!

These items are all part of the standard Copacetic lineup, and most have been consistent sellers at the standard copacetic discount of 15% off.  Now's your chance to catch up on what you've been missing and/or to sock away some great gift items for friends and family at a fraction of what you'd normally pay.  There are some really great pieces here, along with a few copacetic favorites  - all at truly amazing prices.  Whether you are a long time Drawn & Quarterly devotee, or a first-timer looking to experience some first class comics, this is the sale you've been waiting for.  Check it out!

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no love lostNo Love Lost

by Ariel Bordeaux

The tangled relationships of twenty-somethings in Seattle is the crux of this 56-page squarebound comic, but it's all in the details and there's plenty of those here; and, from the woman's point of view, no less.  This is a work that has generally been overlooked.  Don't pass it by this time!

retail price $6.95 -
copacetic ¡SALE! price - $2.95

 portraits from lifePortraits from Life (copacetic favorite)
by David Collier

This book presents the strongest of David Collier's work and is one of our perennial best-sellers here at Copacetic.  It is filled with extremely engaging stories of the lives of
minor, obscure and offbeat Canadian figures.  Some of these are full fledged biographies, such as the fascinating account of Humphrey Osmond, the Canadian scientist who was an early researcher into psychotropic drugs and reputedly coined the term "psychedelic."  Then there's the life story of Ethel Catherwood, the Olympic high jumper known as the Saskatchewan Lily, who ended up infamous and reclusive.  A more tightly focused tale is that of "Grey Owl," an enigmatic British man who managed to convince those he came into contact with in the Canadian north that he was a North American Indian.  The acme of the collection is the tale of David Midgaard, a Saskatchewan man arrested as a teenager and imprisoned for decades for a rape and murder he didn't commit.  This is a gripping tale told in the inimitable Collier fashion, wherein he weaves his own life into the tale of another, and so really makes it hit home hard.  The stories in this volume were key to pioneering the comics journalism movement.  They amply illustrate why the most notable of the new comics journalists, Joe Sacco once said, "I don't think there's a cartoonist whose every new work I approach with such anticipation as David Collier."

retail price - $12.95 - copacetic ¡SALE! price - $6.95

hamilton sketchHamilton Sketchbook
by David Collier

This is a great bedside companion book.  In it, long suffering Canadian comics artist, David Collier shares his life in a trailblazing hybrid of words and images, primarily in the form of journal entries and sketches.  This is among the most intimate forms of expression and pushes the McCloudian definition of comics into the realm of artists' sketchbooks.  It is a relaxing and enjoyable read, full of interesting anecdotes, witty observations and self-deprecating humor, and, of course, great pen and ink sketches of life as it is lived today in Canada. 

retail price - $14.95 - copacetic
¡SALE! price - $5.95

Waiting for Food: More Restaurant Placemat Drawings #3
by R. Crumb

Here it is, the third collection of R. Crumb's acclaimed restaurant placemat drawings -- for less!  As Crumb himself states in his forward, the originals of many of these grease stained, food splattered drawings have sold in galleries for thousands of dollars.  Who would've thunk it?  Allow this collection to inspire you and your friends, loved ones and relatives to make more constructive use of that time between ordering and eating!

retail price - $26.95 - copacetic ¡SALE! price - $8.95

summer of loveThe Summer of Love

by Debbie Drechsler

The Summer of Love is a poignant rite-of-passage graphic novel that lays bare  -- in pen and ink on paper -- one soul as it navigates the roiling waters of the transition from girl to woman, revealing the angst, lust, love and confusion produced
by the raging hormones of adolescence.  The entire book is beautifully printed in two colors:  a flat olive and a light mahogany, that work together serve to provide a unique reading experience -- no black ink anywhere!  Peggy Orenstein, the author of Schoolgirls: Young Women, Self Esteem, and the Confidence Gap, has this to say:  "Debbie Drechsler's is one of the most authentic, profound voices of female culture in any medium.  Summer of Love perfectly captures the daily anxieties and mundane traumas of coming of age in the suburbs."
144 pages • two-color

retail price - $16.95 
- copacetic ¡SALE! price - $6.95

Dream of Mr DThe Extended Dream of Mr. D
by Max

The title has it right:  This is an extended (or perhaps extensive would have been better) dream.  It is an adventure story, but it is an adventure that could only take place in a dream.  Anything and everything goes here, yet it all connects somehow and the dreamer's very soul is at stake.  The sumptuous art and surreal story perfectly complement one another in this truly far out tale by the Spanish cartoonist, Max. 

retail price - $12.95
- copacetic ¡SALE! price - $4.95

HomunculusThe Fall of Homunculus
by Pentti Otsamo

This is the only stand alone tale by the award-winning Finnish cartoonist, Pentti Otsamo, whose work has appeared several times in  Drawn & Quarterly, the flagship anthology title and, most recently, in Drawn and Quarterly Showcase 2 which was released just this past year.  The Fall of Homunculus tells the tale of an unexpected pregnancy and the effect it has on a young couple as they are faced with the prospect of parenthood. 

retail price - $9.95 - copacetic ¡SALE! price - $4.95

Golem's Mighty SwingThe Golem’s Mighty Swing
by James Sturm

The capstone to Sturm's Americana Trilogy, The Golem's Mighty Swing is his longest sustained work to date.  Set in the 1920s, it tells the story of the barnstorming baseball team, the Stars of David who travel the country trying to make a living playing the game that they love, but they're having a hard time at it so they decide to add the "Golem" to the team.  It's a story of the early days of baseball, life in these United States, ethnic identity and the melting pot, and more.  The work offers the best of both worlds:  there's a lot to dig your intellectual teeth into, and it's a joy to read. Time magazine named it the best graphic novel of 2001.  Bonus Fact:  author, James Sturm is currently spearheading the development of the first ever institute of higher learning devoted solely to the study of all things comics:  The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont.

retail price - $16.95 - copacetic ¡SALE! price - $6.95

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