D & Q Showcase 4NOW IN STOCK!
Drawn and Quarterly Showcase: Book Four

by Dan Zettwoch, Gabrielle Bell and Martin Cendreda

This just came in and it looks great!  We'll be back with more info once we've had the chance to dive in.

Here's what you having waiting for you on the Copacetic Rack of new arrivals:

Long time Copacetic favorite Dan Zettwoch gets a well-deserved opportunity to flex his creative muscles in a top comics  publication, accompanied by the excellent talents of Gabrielle Bell (who's really been on a roll lately) and Martin Cendreda.  This issue is also significant in its representing a geographic cross-section of contemporary American comics, allowing the reader a chance to compare and contrast regional distinctions and differences:  Bell is a denizen of the east coast, currently hailing from Brooklyn, NY; Zettwoch is a midwest heartlander, boots firmly planted in St. Louis, MO soil; and Cendreda is winging it on the west coast, living it up in LA, CA. Don't miss this one!

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