Crickets 1now in stock!
Crickets #1
by Sammy Harkham

Kramers Ergot editor (and, for the most part, publisher), Sammy Harkham has decided, "Enough already with spending all my time getting other artists' work together.  I just want to sit down and draw!"  Crickets is his new ongoing series and we now have the first issue on hand so you can check out what he's been up to.  This first issue is a nicely produced,  slightly oversized, saddle-stitched, 32-page duo-tone (black and green) comic book that is entirely taken up by a single story titled, "Black Death,"  a mordant tale that falls pretty much half way between Jordan Crane and Anders Nilsen in its feel, but is totally unique, seems to be a novel take on the legend of the golem, and is, evidently, the first installment of an epic saga which will, in subsequent issues, become the ongoing back-up feature, and that the lead features in these upcoming issues will be stand alone stories.  Sammy Harkham has the singular ability to create characters that personify the inhumanity of fate.  The premiere issue of Crickets shows Harkham demonstrating this ability to full effect.

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