Buck Rogers is from Pittsburgh!!!

These were the very first two Buck Rogers strips ever published. 
Read the entire first two years of dailies in:

Buck Rogers 1Buck Rogers in the 25th Century:
The Complete Newspaper Dailies: Volume One 1929-1930

by Phil Nowlan and Dick Calkins
introduction by Ron Goulart
This massive, oversize (12" x 9"), horizontally formatted hardcover initiates the collecting of the complete newspaper dailies of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.  It starts off with an introduction by noted science fiction author and long time comics fan, Ron Goulart, that is accompanied by a bunch of swell reproductions of the covers to the early Buck Rogers comics, movie posters, lobby cards and merchandise, along with
some early science fiction magazine covers to help put it all in context.  The big shock we got when we started in reading this is that Buck Rogers is from... Pittsburgh, PA!!!
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