Book of Leviathan
The Book of Leviathan
by Peter Blegvad

The Overlook Press
160pp  Hardcover

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Leviathan arrives in the USA at last, in the form of The Book of Leviathan, published by Overlook Press.  Everyone who is serious about exploring the more far-flung and adventurous realms of comics, enjoys graphic intellectual stimulation, or appreciates a healthy sense of the absurd has an excellent chance of finding what they are looking for in The Book of Leviathan.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind item.  The Book of the Leviathan employs a wry wit with dextrous aplomb at every turn.  Right from the initial impression -- the overall book design, with its ruby edged pages, making it resemble a accountant's ledger -- the reader is put in the position of having to ask questions, such as, in this case, "What exactly are we keeping track of here?", and then later, once we've gone a few pages into the book, "What, in our lives and most especially in our early, childhood years, goes into the plus columns and what goes into the minus?" and, finally, "Will it all add up in the end?"

Most readers confronting Blegvad's work for the first time will find themselves mysteriously compelled to grab the first person who happens by to share their enthusiasm: "Hey! This is really different.  I don't think I've ever read anything quite like this before."  Some readers may find themselves somewhat unsettled at first, if only from the sheer unfamiliarity of Blegvad's narrative strategies.  In the end, however, all readers that prevail will come away from The Book of Leviathan with a deepened appreciation for the unknown corners of our lives, and a sense, finally, of the ultimate incomprehensibility of being.

And, if you don't want to take our word for it, how about these guys:

"Peter Blegvad's comic strip is one of the greatest, weirdest things I've ever stared at.  Give me Leviathan or give me death!"
                                                        --Matt Groening

"Whenever I'm asked for proof that literature, art and poetry can exist in comic-strip form, I point to Peter Blegvad."
                                                       --Ben Katchor

retail price - $23.95

copacetic special price -- $11.77 (over 50% off!)

Here's a few links to help prepare you:   

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The Ganzfeld #3Wait!  There's more:
(plus a super deal)

The Ganzfeld #3
edited by Dan Nadel &
Peter Buchanan-Smith

Featuring the work of:  Alfred Hitchcock (yes, really), Julie Lasky, Lawrence Weschler, Michael Benson, Blexbolex, Paul Cox, Adam Dant , Renee French, Geoff McFetridge, Jim Nutt, Brian Ralph , Ron Rege, Jonathon Rosen, Karl Wirsum , Fred Tomaselli, Peter Buchanan-Smith, Rick Moody and... Peter Blegvad!

The Ganzfeld is an uncategorizable, one-of-a-kind publication and #3 is, for our money, the crowning achievement of the series.  The editors bring together a wild hodge-podge of material here, yet manage to make it all cohere, forging an uncannily perfect balance of content and creators with this disparate group of artists, writers, designers, illustrators and cartoonists, and Blegvad's contribution is the centerpiece and highlight.  The result is a triumph of eclecticism like no other which we unreservedly recommend.  Read our full-length review, here.

Edited/Published/Designed by Peter Buchanan-Smith and Dan Nadel
Published by Monday Morning
ISBN 0-9713670-1-9
8 x 9.65", paperback; 208 pages, 160/color, 48/black and white.

retail price - $24.95
special price - $11.77
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COUPLER SPECIALBOTH The Book of Leviathan AND The Ganzfeld #3

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