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Writers on Comics
Edited by Sean Howe

This is nicely designed and put together and definitely unique collection of essays on comics and our relationships with them.  This volume features work by writers not widely associated with comics, a fact that serves the dual function of bringing fresh perspectives to the relatively insular world of comics fans and collectors while simultaneously attracting more mainstream non-comics readers to this world.  This is a healthy development for the form.  Here's what you'll find:  Jonathan Lethem on  Jack "King" Kirby; Luc Sante on Hergé and Tintin; Geoff Dyer on Spider-Man and ben-day dots; Aimee Bender on Yummy Fur and Story Telling; Gary Giddens on Classics Illustrated; Geoffrey O'Brien on Nick Fury; Chris Offutt on NoMan(!); Greil Marcus on Uncle Sam; Steve Erickson on American Flagg!; Tom Piazza on Bizarro and Mxyzptlk; Myla Goldberg on Chris Ware and Renée French; Lydia Millet on Little Nemo in Slumberland; John Wray on Jim Woodring; Christopher Sorrentino on the DC-Marvel rivalry; Glen David Gold on Warlock and the nature of collecting; Brad Meltzer on The New Teen Titans and young love; and Andrew Hultkrans on Steve Ditko's hands.  Whew!

Fiction - Graphic Novels; Humor - Comic Books, Strips, etc.; Social Science - Popular Culture | Pantheon | Hardcover | ISBN: 0-375-42256-0

Sean Howe, formerly an editor at The Criterion Collection, lives in New York

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