If you’re looking for hook-laden catchy tunes that you can’t get out of your head, tunes:  that are rooted in both the classic pop melodies and the studio production techniques crafted by the best of what the 1960s had to offer, especially the Beatles & the Beach Boys; that are fleshed out with great arrangements of the classic rock ensemble which receive enthusiastic performances by performers that are fully immersed in the material; that are complemented by novel and unlikely instrumentations involving toy pianos, jingle bells, and the occasional creaky door, yet without any sort of purist eschewing of the possibilities offered by modern electronics; and that feature as well plenty of tasty well-sung harmonies-- well then you need look no further for you have found it: the Apples in Stereo.

The Apples in Stereo catalogue contains, at the moment, three full-length studio LPs, an equal number of studio EPs, and a CD of their demos.  With the exception of the demo CD, which is primarily intended for hard-core fans and completists, all their releases are uniformly high quality.  classic pop albums in the grand tradition.  At the risk of a gross over-simplification, Fun Trick Noisemaker (LP) tends toward rocking with a hint of psychedelia that becomes full-blown on Her Wallpaper Reverie (EP), which takes as its point of departure the Beatles psychedelic period-- most obviously on the track "Strawberryfire," which is clearly an homage to you-know-which Lennon classic-- and the Beach Boys’ Smile. On the other hand, the LPs, Tone Soul Evolution and The Discovery of the World Inside the Moone, along with the EPs, Let’s Go-- featuring "Signal in the Sky", The Power Puff Girls theme song that appears also on that show’s hit soundtrack-- and Look Away + 4 are, by way of contrast, pretty much pure power pop all the way, with a hint of funk starting to sneak in here and there.

The Copacetic Comics Company at present stocks all three LPs and Her Wallpaper Reverie.  The first two LPs-- Fun Trick Noisemaker and Tone Soul Evolution--are copacetically priced at $13.98@, while Inside the Moone is $14.98. Her Wallpaper Reverie is a mere $11.59.

To learn more about the Apples in Stereo, visit their official website.

And if you are now, or are considering becoming a member of eMusic, the only real legitimate downloadable music service, you can get their entire Apples in Stereo catalogue with a few clicks.  The choice is yours.


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