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 Well 2007 is here.  We did receive a nice pair of Koklass pheasants a short time ago and they are adjusting well.  They love their lettuce and other greens that we are spoiling them with.  Hopefully they hatch out some young one this year.
Hopefully I make it out to the Mt. Hope sale this March.  I missed the last couple due to work commitments. Will be nice to get back out there to see Don, Gary, Dave, Ron, Sue, and the cell phone gang.
We bought quite a few caged birds for our indoor finch and canary aviary.  Our Lady Gouldians starting hatching out their own little ones finally.  We have a couple little young Gouldians flying around the aviary now.  And of course, the Zebra finches are hatching out their own as well.  We bought a nice pair of Java Rice Finches and they even managed to hatch and raise up three young ones.  So, the aviary is filling up nicely.  Time to sell some young ones though to make room for more to hatch.  We also bought 4 Indian Ringneck Parrots this fall.  2 Green males,  1 Blue Female, and 1 Lutino Female.  They make life interesting and are already spoiled.  One of the females already thinks she runs the house.
We just purchased a couple miniature pot bellied pigs.  A femaled named LuLu and a male named Bacon.  LuLu already thinks she runs the place.
Well, if anyone has anything to post, sell, or trade, just send us an email and we will be glad to place it on here somewhere.
Thanks to All...