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Trains Are Where You Find Them
Terry Kirkland's Photos

Terry Kirkland was my friend while I went to school at East Texas State University in Commerce, TEXAS in 1972-73. His official role was that of second trick operator for the St. Louis Southwestern Railroad in Commerce. I used to sit in with Terry while he went about his work and on weekends Terry and I would often go around East TEXAS and Arkansas chasing trains to photograph. Terry introduced me to the idea of checking out shortline railroads.  I lost track of Terry after I left TEXAS, but never forgot him. Attempts to locate him via the internet were unsuccessful until June 10, 2006. On that day I found the person who knew about Terry, he had sadly died in 2002 and left quite a few photos of his travels. In November 2006 I secured Terry's photographic legacy with the promise that it be shared with those who would enjoy it. The photos on this page are but a very small portion of Terry's pictures, he truly loved this hobby. This page includes four photos right now, but you will start seeing Terry's name around the net as his work becomes more widely known. 


The first Terry Kirkland photographs I found in his collection were dated April 1963. Terry was 17 at the time. I expect this photo was taken in Grapevine, TEXAS. It shows a Cotton Belt RS-3 working a local freight.


Terry was educated at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. After college Terry did a draftee stint in the U S Army as a signalman and was assigned to duty in Tampa, Florida. This was back in the day when Seaboard Coast Line was a new company and was still running its own trains. Terry was in train heaven while he was in Florida. It was a state he often would return to seeking trains to photograph. 


Terry went out of his way to document short line railroads. This is a photo of a lumber hauling TEXAS shortline near Lufkin, TEXAS. The unit pictured is a Baldwin DS4-4-750.  


Through the years Terry stayed current with the rail operations around him. Here is a photo of the Trinity Rail Express train taken in September 2000. Terry loved trains no matter where they were and found them often. 

Trains Are Where You Find Them