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Trains Are Where You Find Them
Photo Page 6

These photos are from the Altoona, Pennsylvania area: Horseshoe Curve. The curve or in railfan speak, "The Shoe" has been there since 1854. I personally have visited The Shoe and environs 11 times since 1973 and will go again when it is opportune. Click the image for a larger view. 


Eastbound on "The Ledge" on July 6, 1975. This view shows the western part of Horseshoe Curve.


View from trackside at Horseshoe Curve looking down at the Visitor's Center.


Conrail eastbound at CP Rose with a Triple Crown Service Roadrailer train.  


Freight Cars awaiting repair or disposition on the east side of CP Rose in Altoona, Pennsylvania.


Funicular cars pass at the Horseshoe Curve Visitors Center. These cars take you up and down from the viewing area at trackside. 


Paired Conrail SD40-2s are in the middle of the Curve passing the nose of Kittaning Mountain called Kittaning Point. 

Trains Are Where You Find Them