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Trains Are Where You Find Them
Photo Page 4

Trains are where you find them. There are many rail lines still out there providing transportation for us. Here we see trains in Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Utah.  The Indiana view is of the old Erie Lackawanna, it is out of business today. The Kentucky view is from North Wye, just North of Danville on a very active Norfolk Southern mainline. The train in Nebraska is actually from a city park. The Utah scene shows a BNSF train exercising its trackage rights over the Union Pacific.  


Erie Lackawanna #3615 was westbound at Huntington, Indiana on 7-3-75. 


Union Pacific #6922 is preserved at Cody Park in North Platte, NE. July 1998 photo


BN #7205 is eastbound at Detour, Utah in the July 1998 view.


Norfolk Southern #9088 crosses over at North Wye on its way South toward Danville, Kentucky and beyond

Trains Are Where You Find Them