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Trains Are Where You Find Them
Photo Page 3

Three views here, Two from New Hampshire and the other from Illinois, and all from the 1970s. That is my favorite era, and where this iron journey started.

Boston & Maine #1203 at Manchester, NH

This Boston & Maine NW2 was rebuilt with a 567A engine out of an E7A. The exhaust manifold on the E7 engine was taller than the original 567 engine installed in the NW2, hence the strange exhaust stacks on this switcher. One day the engineer on this diesel invited me up into the cab. I've looked across the hood of this unit at the crazy stack arrangement.
Below in soft morning light is B&M RS-3 #1513. It is looking a bit worn in this early 1970s view from Concord, New Hampshire.


The Super C west of Edelstein, IL on 7-4-1975

You always remember the photos that you really have to work for. The above photo is of Santa Fe's famous Super C freight train. This train ran on an expedited passenger train schedule between Chicago and Los Angeles from 1968 to 1976. The following is an account of my encounter with Super C. "It's July 4, 1975. It's my 21st birthday so time to go visit the relatives in Illinois and give myself a few trains to see. The Guide says the Super C is supposed to be through Chillicothe by mid morning. So I'm up on the old wooden bridge on Edelstein Hill waiting on
him. It's an hour late so time to go back to Chilli and see what's there (Never leave a good location). I'm down towards the bottom of the hill and out of the corner of my eye I see a pig train rounding Houlihan's
Curve and ascending the hill. Damn, execute a perfect three-point turnaround a State Trooper would have been proud of (don't ever do that) and point the Charger West. Going way too fast up the two-laned-blacktopped hill road I almost forgot to stop at Illinois 88 (don't do
that either). The Super is even with me at Edelstein as I took off from the stop sign. We raced together, I got out of the car near where Illinois routes 90 and 91 meet west of Edelstein, walked over to the track and 30
seconds later photoed 3 SD45-2s scream west with the
Super C. Happy Birthday!

Trains Are Where You Find Them