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Hard-to-find videos, toys, movie poster reproductions and miscellaneous bizarreness...Kimba, Shazam, Isis, Space Giants, Gaiking, Mazinger Z, Spiderman, Dungeons and Dragons, and so much more!

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All information on obtaining videos is at the bottom of each page. OK Here is the deal-if I don't email you within 2 days it probably means I am out of town on a business trip. If you are checking this page out for the first time-please email me and let me know how you found the site....advertisement, posting on a newsgroup, word of mouth, toy/comic show, my full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, search engine, television advertisement from the Super Bowl, or just saw my page on a link....any info would be appreciated. I need the Island of Misfit toys plush 12" dolls....please email me if you want to trade!

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