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Equine Industry Leader
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These are just some of the consulting services we provide:
Buyer/Seller Assistance: get the best value for the money
Broker: locating buyer or seller for your unique preferences
Appraisal: know before you buy or sell
National Exposure: Open the boundries of your market

We offer the following services:
--Locate Buyers
--Locate Horses
--Market Research and Service
--Verify and Authenticate Pedigree and Performance Claims
--Arrange Transportation
--Locate Reputable Service Providers such as trainers, farriers, chiropractic, and all other needs
--Act as your full service equine agent

VOTED RODEO BEST Portable Pens and Fencing System

* Introdution of Inovative Horse Industry Products
   SUCH AS::
   2003 --Grazier Fencing Systems
* Dallas Fort Worth OVERNITE Horse Stop/RV Parking -   
     reservations required
* Horse Travel Information Center - rv/horse stops nationwide
* Consignment & Brokering
* Professional Evaluations of Horse and Owner
* Creative Solutions for the Horse Industry
* Horse Introduction Programs especially for children -
     try before you buy, or lease-to-own programs.
* Professional advice and guidance in your horse purchases.

Here are some of the advantages our firm offers:

* Fifteen Years Industry Experience

* Competitive Pricing

* Industry Specialists
* Creative Business Analysts

subsidiary of   Contracting Consultants LLC * 453 North County Road 810 * Alvarado Texas 76009