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(Great Lakes Area Contact Improv Enthusiasts Retreat)

Madison, WI Chapter of contact improv dance

The Madison Contact Improvisation Jam meets twice a week:

  • Sunday Night "Facilitated" Jam : Our "facilitated" Jam meets on Sundays from 4:00-6:00 pm at Jewel in the Lotus Yoga studio, 821 E. Johnson St. on Madison's near east side. Punctual arrival is important. Cost = $5. This jam includes an opening circle "check in", facilitated warm-up, and facilitated instruction on topics such as weight sharing, lifting, safe falling, perception, fluid dancing, etc. Those who are new to contact improvisation are encouraged to attend the Sunday Jam to learn basics of the form.

  • Wednesday Night "Open" Jam : Every Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 PM, at Main Street Yoga, 1882 E. Main Street, just off First Street between E. Washington and Winnebago. Cost = $5. This Jam has a very open format. Participants are responsible for their own warm-up and cool-down, and for entering and exiting their own dances.

    You can read our General Guidelines for the jams by clicking here: MadisonJamGeneralGuidelines.html

    For information about the Jams, contact Heather Good at (608) 239-1263 or Nataraj Hauser at (608) 246-2092.

Upcoming Events:
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