Consort Anon. (named after the most prolific composer of the Middle Ages) has been performing at concerts, weddings, festivals, church services and other events since Kevin, Eric and Mary Anne formed the group (with Chuck Norris - not THE Chuck Norris) in 1979. Our performing specialty is music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance but we also make very pleasant excursions into the Baroque, Colonial American, Jazz and 20th Century musical forms. Weddings, especially Renaissance theme weddings, are our favorites but we also enjoy playing at church services, private parties and benefit performances for non-profit organizations. We have played at the Maryland Renaissance Festival every year since 1980. Our preferred performing area is the Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC area west to Frederick, MD, and into nearby Pennsylvania. Our rates are very reasonable (as long as we are fed) - we easily fit most event budgets!


To book performances or purchase recordings please email us at or at our individual addresses


Designed by Marketa Ebert. Photos by David and Marketa Ebert
Last updated August 2011