I grew up playing the piano (poorly but enjoying it) a listening to my father play beautiful violin. In high school I was introduced to the clarinet and the joys of making music with others. College found me a singing fool and, after graduation, I performed with several Washington, DC, choirs/choruses in the mid-1960's. 1964 found me playing a really cheap recorder to help in reading choral music. When my first wife complained that everything I played was out of tune, I found that better quality recorders really do sound very nice and that there was (in the 1970's) a growing body of great music waiting to be played. After starting several groups to play for our own enjoyment, I started Consort Anon. in 1979 with Eric and Mary Anne. Following a really bad first public performance, Eric had the temerity to suggest that we audition for the Maryland Renaissance Festival (they actually accepted us!) and, well, we have been performing ever since, adding instruments as we went. (I keep telling them that I can't carry any more instruments!) Currently I also play and perform with the Western Maryland College collegium (Voice of the Turtle.)