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Improve your writing, whether non-fiction or fiction.
Make it the best that it can be!

Create a polished compendium of your qualifications, employment history, achievements, and educational experiences. And bring all of the key ingredients together to target your career choice.
Cover Letters
Develop a complete and concise introductory letter to accompany and complement your resume or other essential document.
The goal of the essay is to make a point. Get your point across clearly with the best choice of words, grammar, style, and tone. And effectively structure it with finesse.
Research Papers
A successful research paper depends on many elements: gathering information, developing a reference list, stating your thesis, creating an outline, writing the content, and organizing everything in the proper format.
A well arranged and well written proposal supports your ideas and facts, makes a compelling case, and gets noticed. These include the research proposal, the grant proposal, and the business proposal.
Produce successful ad copy that captivates your audience and attracts business.
Design a brochure that gets noticed and effectively brings your message across to your target audience.
Business Plans
Formulate a complete package, including all the necessary components: Statement of Purpose, Table of Contents, Description of Business, Analysis of Business, Target Market, Competition, Marketing Plan, and Financial Data.
Create informative and easy-to-read articles for the Internet, your newsletter, and magazines. Feature the latest tips and trends related to your service or product.
Short Stories, Novels, & Plays
Let your creative works of fiction come to life and grab the attention of your audience. Bring together your story with well crafted sentences, paragraphs, characters, dialogue, and plot.


Conny Jasper has over twenty years of experience in the art and craft of communicating the written word. She is a master wordsmith, well versed in professional as well as creative expression in the English language. Conny holds a Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Fairleigh Dickinson. She is a much published author, having penned many articles, books, and poems. Also a teacher and workshop facilitator, Conny has done presentations at many venues throughout the tri-state area. She has taught English at Mercer County Community College, and is currently on staff at the Small Business Development Center of Raritan Valley Community College.

Contact Conny at: 732-745-9293

Business hours are:

Monday - Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm