Social Media is Good News for Job Seekers
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Social media is becoming more widespread and accepted with increased use of technology, easy access to the Internet, and more user-friendly and interactive sites. LinkedIn especially has become the leading site for showcasing your talent and making professional contacts. When utilized competently, social media can be a part of your employment and career strategy.

An appropriate and effective use of social media can complement your job search and enhance your knowledge base. Sites such as LinkedIn allow job seekers to learn more about the companies they want to apply to as well as who the important contacts are within the company. Job listings and resumes give you a picture of the story but not the panoramic view.

In addition, it is vital to your career to be aware of how companies use the information you post on different types of social media. Facebook in particular is a highly popular site boasting billions of users, and it is important to use it with care. Facebook is often used in a much too casual way, which has led to complications for many users. Remember that employers often scan the social profiles and postings of job candidates and employees seeking information about company compatibility.

A conscientious use of social media can enable you to build your network and discover various opportunities. Social media can demonstrate more of your talents in addition to your resume. It can allow you to display your various accomplishments and areas of expertise. In today’s competitive job market, it is essential to keep up with the current trends of employment and career.


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