Successful Study Skills
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Students are often overwhelmed by all the work that teachers and professors give them. There are books and articles to read, papers to write, and tests to study for. One wonders where to begin and how best to proceed. Tension sets in and suddenly there is a blockage of mental and emotional stress. Relax. Let go. Help is on the way!


Learning does not have to be difficult. There are ways to handle it effectively and efficiently. The first step is to put things in order. Organize your assignments and study materials. Develop a system that works for you. Remember that chaos and clutter are not your friends.


Make a written or mental list of timelines and deadlines. Determine the sequence of your assignments and the sequence of each task within the assignments. Break everything down into smaller parts. Separate the various components into understandable and manageable portions. When you buy an apple pie, you cannot consume and digest the whole thing in one bite. The normal action is cut a slice and then eat it one bite at a time.


In your readings, pick out the most important and relevant aspects. If you try to read the entire book or entire article, you will get bogged down with more information than you need. While you are reading, consider the specifics of the assignment and the criteria that are being asked for. Make the most of your study time, and do not make more work for yourself than is necessary.


Beginning the writing of an assignment is the most essential part. Start by opening a new document on the computer, formatting it, and entering the basic information, such as page numbering, headings, and reference page. Then save it to the course folder on your desktop. As you gather, interpret, and arrange the research material, you can plug it into the formatted document. Once you have put everything together, go back and read it and then read it again. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Make sure you covered all the requirements of the assignment and wrote it in a smooth way that connects well, sounds intelligent, and makes sense.


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