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This article is about developing solutions creatively, as well as rationally and methodically. Creativity is the current that gets the ideas flowing, and logic is the system that makes the ideas work in reality.
Begin by determining and outlining the task and its challenges. Analyze the situation and all of its components. What and how much is involved? What are the difficult parts? What are the easy parts? And most important: What do you want the outcome to be? Therefore, the problem should be analyzed in terms of what the outcome must be.
The next question to ask is: How do all of the parts of the problem impact the process of resolution and its outcome. The determinants and solutions are only an important step in the process. And it is the solutions that will bring you to the achievement of your goal. The answers that you come up with are the ones that lead you to where you want to be. Keeping this in mind is a vital part of the process.
Identify all possible options. What are the best and most realistic choices? Avoid distractions and negative thoughts. Be open and clear. Ideas are more readily accessible when we allow them space and clarity. They come to us when warmly and graciously invited. Use your sense of inner vision. When an artist looks at a blank canvas, she sees something more than a blank canvas. When a musician begins writing a song, he hears and feels sounds and words.
Evaluate your ideas thoroughly, and put them in order. How does one idea follow another, and how do they fall into place? Does everything flow and connect well and consistently?
Plan and prepare. Develop a strategy. At this point most of the details of the procedure should be worked out. Make sure that everything follows a step by step process, covers all your bases, and leads to the desired outcome. In addition, be sure to have a back up plan. The structure should be stable yet flexible.
Now that you have explored the possibilities and have created a structure for your ideas, it is time to take action and implement the plan.

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