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Conny Jasper
Client Testimonials
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What Clients Say About Conny Jasper

Real Testimonials from Real People:

"Conny Jasper's professional demeanor and 'can do' spirit enabled me to successfully tackle a problem that had eluded me for years. Her down-to-earth approach showed me she really cares about working with and guiding her clients to achieve their various goals. I highly recommend her services." ~ Brian Van Korn

"Conny has been a positive influence in my business the last few years. I came to Conny by way of a mutual acquaintance who happened to be a professor whom I knew and trusted. Although, as a mid-career sales professional, I had a significant amount of training in writing, speaking and effective sales techniques, I felt it was time for input and a fresh perspective from someone with an objective mindset. She has coached me in writing and presentations, enabling me to overcome obstacles and improve while helping me obtain more focus and motivation to achieve my objectives on key projects." ~ Michael O'Malley

"During a time when I was in need of help with my writing, I sought out Conny's professional services; my experience was positive. She will give you, the emerging or struggling writer, gentle support and encouragement as you work your way forward through the thicket of challenges that lies before you. The path you forge will be your own; the lantern up ahead, lighting the way, will be hers." ~ William Bauer

"I have been using the coaching services of Conny Jasper for guidance in starting and running my business, as well as dealing with various clients. With her guidance and support, I have created a successful business that is fully supporting me." ~ Debra Hertensteiner

"Conny has kept me focused and on-track by giving me 'homework' and following up with assignments. I set my own schedule for accomplishing the tasks needed to set up my business, and she ensures that I adhere to it. Her enthusiasm for my success helps motivate me to achieve my goals." ~ Wendy Sheridan

Conny Jasper, MA has over twenty years of experience helping people to change their lives and to make informed decisions. For more information about coaching with Conny Jasper, call 732-745-9293.