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Women of Faith
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This quilt will be the result of an on-line Women of the Bible study group led by Carol Honderich, and based on her Women of the Bible Quilt. I also added women as I went along (the group studied 52), and ended up with 81 blocks, completed on 8 Nov 2006.  The first six rows are women of the Old Testament , and the last three rows from the New Testament
Blocks will finish at 6", they show the seam allowance in this photo. The fabrics are mostly batiks, and there will be alternating blocks of an almost black batik.  Blocks will be set on point.  I am still debating about the border.

You can see some individual blocks that were not in the original pattern by clicking on the links below.  Each block has the woman it represents, and where you can read about her in the bible.  Some have block names, but not all.

I have decided to name this quilt "Women of Faith".  All of the women symbolized here were women of faith, not necessarily a faith I follow, but they were passionate about what they believed.

Genesis & Exodus

Historical Books-Joshua, Judges, Ruth

Historical Books - 1 & 2 Samual

Historical Books - 1 & 2 Kings; Esther

The original Women of the Bible quilt was designed and made by Carol Honderich while doing a year long Bible study using Spangler & Syswerda's Women of the Bible devotional study.
This version is adding women as I go through the Bible.

Quilts - a calming influence in my life.