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Nautical Stars
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Nautical Stars
Round Robin quilters: Anne Brown (ME), Linda Bryant (GA), Sue Johnson (FL), Ginny Jones (TX), & me

Nautical Stars was born when I was a member of the Compuserve quilt forum.  A Round Robin was started, and I was a member of the Swan group.  All the groups were named after birds.  It took a while, but we all got some nice tops out of our efforts.
My center was a block designed by Anne Brown, a member of our group.  I hand pieced it and sent it on to Linda Bryant in Georgia who added the triangle border.  Sue Johnson set it on point and added the squares and rectangles border.  Anne Brown contributed the mini-mariners compass border.  Ginny Jones designed the ocean waves border, but I stitched them and added the final border.

I thought about hand quilting this for a long time, but finally had Paula Reid do the quilting.  She did an excellent job.  She came over and we planned the quilting together.  I love my finished quilt!

Quilts - a calming influence in my life.