Conduit's CA Patch Collecting Page

Welcome to my patch-collecting page.  My name is Glenn Marumoto.  I am an officer with the Anaheim, CA Police Department.  I have worked there for about 13.5 years and I am currently assigned to patrol.  Before that I was at the Pasadena, CA Police Dept. for 6 years and my last assignment was the full-time Bike Patrol Unit, the "Neighborhood Action Team" (NAT). I only collect patches from California Police Depts., California Sheriff Depts., CA State Law Enforcement and any Federal agency with a California branch office.  All of my trader patches are available either for trade or sale.  E-mail me if you see anything that interests you. 

E-mail: updated 6-8-15

This page will be down as I complete a move to a different server. 

I hope to have it back up ASAP.

Since the birth of my son 3.5 years ago my time available to the hobby is very limited now.  With that said if I take a long time to respond to your email I do apologize but I hope you understand my situation. 

My supply of Anaheim and Pasadena patches is very limited and although I wish I could trade with everyone, I must restrict my trading to CA and Federal patches on my Want List only.  Along the same lines, please DO NOT send unsolicited patches.  If we have not set up a trade in advance, these unsolicited patches will be returned. Thanks. 

My Want List

CA Traders 

My Southern California Patch Collection (Not for sale or trade):  

California State Agencies
California Sheriff Departments

Imperial County Agencies
Los Angeles County Agencies
Orange County Agencies
Riverside County Agencies
San Bernardino County Agencies
San Diego County Agencies
Ventura County Agencies

Specialized Units #1

Specialized Units #2

Federal Agencies

Soft Badges

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Links to other Police related and some of my favorite sites:

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