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Fostex 166ES-R BLH & lady Day 300B monos, Juicy Music Blueberry all tube preamp with MM phono, Nottingham Spacedeck spacearm Zu 103 mc, Audio Note DAC 1.2 Kit modded, Audio Note CDT for CD drive modded. Scott 350C tube tuner Don Scott mods. Audio Note Cables and Audience and Furutech power cords.


    Over the years I have spent a lot of money and a lot of time trying to build a system that was above all musical. My first encounter with the "hi end" goes back to the early 70's when my father's buddy put together a McIntosh system that included the 2105 power amp, the C28 preamp and the MR 78 tuner. The Speakers were the now famous ML-1C a 4 way design with 12in woofers .This model was designed to work with the Mcintosh MQ102 equilizer which I can remember produced the most lifelike bass performance I had ever heard.This wasn't just deep clean bass no sir!! It was deep, powerful and at times gut wrenching when the music called for it. At that time I had no idea what a musical system was supposed to sound like. The one thing I knew was this system could ROCK!! I mean hit you in the chest kinda sound. I remember listening to the Rolling Stones, Dylan, Miles and always left there mesmerized by what I had  heard. I was fifteen, I was hooked. 


By the time I was 21 I started bouncing around the hi-fi game moving from high powered solid state affairs to pushpull tube amps with EL-34, 6BQ5', 7591 and 6550/KT88 outputs. I had a lot of dynamic speakers and some planars here and there. Most of the time I enjoyed my music, but secretly I knew there was something missing.


Fast forward from the mid eighties to 2004. I was in Atlanta stopped in at a shop that carried Cain & Cain hornloaded singledriver speakers. I had never seen anything like these and when the sales guy fired the system up I was shocked. The tone was so pure so captivating. I mean these things got the texture of the music and the space around the players down better than anything I have ever heard. It was, in a word,.. Organic!! I sat listening for hours, to jazz, rock, classical and was never the same since.


When I heard that Fostex was going to realese a limited run of the same driver that Cain and Cain uses in the Abbey, FE 166E but in special edition form "FE 166ES-R"  I built the BLH enclosure for them recommended by Fostex. I added the DIY Lady Day 300B SET's and never looked back.


I don't care if some reviewers say that horns and SETs color the music. All I know is that I listen to my music all the time now and I've never enjoyed it as much. You can send comments, questions, musings, to;


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