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Now accepting Credit Cards (there will be a 2.5% upcharge for Credit Card use).



Initial Phone Contact:
     This 15 minute consultation is to decide if CAPS is the right resource for you.

     Please remember that this is a business. I cannot offer free advice or a behavior program during this 15 minute conversation--I am happy and eager to help, but this is my livelihood.

Initial Phone Contact

  15-minutes free.

Initial Home Consultation: 
     Initial home visits last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the problem.  
     We evaluate the problem, design a behavior modification plan, and practice the plan with you.

Initial Home Consult

REQUIRED Follow-up Visit:
     At least one follow-up visit is critical to the success of your program.  Follow-up visits are scheduled for two to four weeks after the initial consultation.

Follow-Up Visit

Two-Visit Contract Option: 
     Two-Visit Contracts have slightly reduced hourly fees. Contract must be completed within two months of initial consultation.
     Clients can elect not to have a contract.  Our goal is to help you help your pet, not lock you into an unwanted obligation.

Two-Visit Contract
     $175/hour. Minimum Fee: $350.
Four-Visit Contract Option:
     Four-visit contracts are provided at a slightly reduced rate.  Contract must be completed within four months of the initial consultation.

Four-Visit Contract 

Minimum Fee: $640.

Phone Consultation:  
     While a live visit is preferred, if this is impossible, a phone consultation is possible.  These are billed at the same rate as home-visits (they incur the same amount of work).  

Phone Consultations

Email Consultations Available:  
     While a live visit is preferred, if this is impossible, an email consultation is possible.   If you contact me by email with a question, I will respond. However, expect to be charged at the same rate as live and phone consultations--as it incurs the same amount of work.

Email Consultations

      $200/hour, based on actual time online.

Consult Location

     At this time, only in-home visits are available. Animals are their most natural in their home environment. This provides the best opportunity for success.


  50/mile roundtrip from Cambridge City, Indiana

Now Accepting Credit Cards.

3% upcharge.

We reserve the right to terminate any client relationship if, in our opinion, we are unable to help further, or the client is unwilling or unable to comply with the behavior modification recommendations provided.  At such times, if possible, we will recommend other resources.
All clients must sign an informed consent/indemnity waiver before consultation begins.
All clients must recognize that, due to the nature of animal behavior, no consultation comes with guaranteed results, neither explicitly stated nor implied.  We will do our best for you, and there are usually alternative plans we can try, but sucess is not guaranteed.