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Your Resource for Animal Behavior Consultations, Welfare, and Enrichment Practices.

Companion Animal Problem Solvers, Inc., works to resolve troublesome pet, companion, and exotic animal behavior problems. With over 20 years experience, we can help with a wide number of behavior, welfare, and enrichment concerns.

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  • Home visits--preferred for accuracy and success.
  • Evaluate your animal determine the nature of the problem.
  • Design a custom-tailored behavior modification plan.
  • Teach you to implement the plan. 


  • Shelter, Daycare, and Boarding facility design.
  • Workshops on animal social signals, behavior, enrichment, & socialization.
  • Individual animal or pet consultations to enhance adoptability, daycare compatabiity, and boarding comfort.

We optimize animal welfare and comfort within the context of adoption, space, staff, and safety concerns. 

  • Seminars on animal behavior, social signals, and welfare; 
  • Modern, benign, and safe animal handling and training clinics for veterinary hospital staff. 
  • Workshops on enrichment and socialization techniques. 
  • Clinic-specific consultations for your individual program needs.  
We optimize staff safety and animal comfort within the context of veterinary medicine and business needs, maximizing success in both endeavors.


  • Seminars on animal behavior, social signals, & welfare. 
  • Workshops on enrichment and socialization techniques. 
  • Facility- and research-specific consultations for your individual program.
We maximize animal welfare and comfort, yet minimize effects on research and project needs, to enhance success in both endeavors.

For more information, contact us at (317) 496-7502 

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