The Hook Up

Here is a whole list of various free programs from things like Anti-Virus scanners to Wizmo's.




The Obscure Musical Download of the week from my personal archives.



This is Cool

  A list of hundreds of handy reference links and various humorous sites.



 Short Strokes

A huge list of various Windows & Office Short Cut Keys.
There's really too many to remember, but I am sure you'll find a few strokes you use every day.



Information Highway DOS Command

Can't remember the old DOS commands you may need to use once in a year?
Here is a complete list of them with a full syntax descriptions and instructions on usage.




Out of this world XP tips & tricks  

   Click here for a list of handy Windows XP tips & tricks.



Windows Error Codes
Something wrong with your computer and all it will give you is an one of those Error Codes?
This is a list of 1554 Windows Error Codes with a brief explanation of what the code indicates.


Commanders Corner

  The original text of the Commander's Corner articles published in 1989 in the Hays County Guardian.


Houstons Hottest Entertainment
Wallstreet Entertainment Complex

Here's a link to the old Wallstreet Entertainment Complex that was destroyed by fire.
The web pages are out of date but still contain many links to the bands that used to play there and more



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