Various Links To Look At
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No Sausage Links HereThis is a list of Hundreds of links  I saved to my favorites folder for future reference. 
Looking for something?  If it isn't here, there is a list of search engines that can find it.

Microsoft Basket Case Data Base
Have a technical question or Windows error?
Try this link to the Microsoft Support Knowledge Database.
SwitchBoard Directory AssistanceNeed to look up a phone number or address? can even match a number to a name. SwitchBoard Directory Assistance

Texas Lotto Numbers Online
Check old Texas Lotto tickets for winning numbers
or check out the current winnings numbers online and more.

Guide your TV
Once you have entered your local zip code save the link to your favorites.
As you scroll up and down you can click on the shows for pop up details.

Yahoo TV
Yahoo TV is customizable

How Stuff Works
How does that work anyway?
A fascinating source of information for all.

What time is it anyway?
Find the atomically correct time in any time zone, anywhere in the world.

PDR Online
Know your drugs and their affects with
Nurses PDR Drug Database Online

This is odd 

Too Stupid To Be President .com

The real
Just like the real White House - the administration doesn't want you to visit here either.

 Betty Bowers is a better Christian than you! 
"One of the web's funniest sites!" – Yahoo Magazine, June 2002


NewsHax - Your source for news!


Political Cartoons by Mark Fiore


Deadbrain - for the satirically challenged



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