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Colophon Book Arts Supply carries a complete line of products for:


Floating water color inks on the surface of a tank of thickened water and creating patterns with tools.  Pretreated paper is placed over the patterned surface thus contact lifting the ink design.  Marbling is affected by many influences such as temperature, humidity, water, as well as the marbler.



Suminagashi is an oriental method of decorating paper which is similar to western paper marbling.  One floats ink on unthickened water and then urges the spots of color into concentric bands using a spreading agent.  The bands of color thus made are teased into images using either a hairstylus, a breath of air, or a hand held fan.  Finally, the image is transferred onto an absorbent paper and allowed to dry.


Hand Book Binding

Many, many people have found enjoyment binding books by hand.  Perhaps it is simply because the more one learns about the craft, the more he or she wants to learn.  The supplies offered here have been chosen for quality and usefulness.  I hope that you enjoy the selection.



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