The Golden Carrot - Horses - Sunny


35+  years old

13.3  hands Bulldog style Quarterhorse Mare

light  chestnut dun

Trilby with PC and Malika

Trilby and Malika are PC’s girls, and spent every minute outside of their stalls together. Both PC and Malika show signs of mourning Trilby’s passing, as does her stablemate Orion.

Malika with Trilby

Trilby, our dear friend, died on July 15, 2002, after a severe bout of colic. This little lady was worth her weight in gold. She was small, absolutely calm, willing and sensible. Her first owner  roped steers from her, and then let his wife breed her. 1 pregnancy ended poorly, and after several more unsuccessful attempts (which I think damaged her emotionally) finally feed leased her to an ignorant party who kept her underfed. Trilby came to  me several hundred pounds underweight (and my problem was keeping weight off her!) with shoes which were 2 sizes too small. She had severe ringbone and in teh last 2 years, her left knee began to fuse together, making it impossible to shoe her. Trilby is all over this site, with the littlest children smiling happily on her back. In her kindness and patience, she epitomized the Golden Carrot horse, still willing to thrill the youngsters afater a lifetime of service. She will be sorely missed.

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