The Golden Carrot - Thanks

This  page is dedicated to thanking all the good people who donate or help  The Golden Carrot in some way.

If  you have done anything for The Golden Carrot, please let us know we  can say 'Thanks!' in this way, and please tell us briefly what you want  us to say about you ......

Our  Feed Supplier:
41711 Ivy Street
Murrietta, CA   92562-9404
(909) 461-6993, Fax is (909) 461-6223

Our  Farrier:
Paul Turner  Horseshoeing
P.O. Box 656, Wildomar, CA 92595
(909) 674 7463

Our  Veterinarian:
Dr Adrienne Moore  DVM
(760) 723 6633

NatureVet can be  obtained from
The Garmon Corp, 27641-b Diaz Rd
, Temecula,  CA 92590
1-888 628 8783, Fax (909) 695 2978

Light  Force Therapy
Light Force Therapy, Inc. manufacture Low Level Light  Therapy products that promote healing, good health, and well-being.  Their methods offer chronic pain relief for both human and animals that  are safe, proven, effective, and non-invasive, with the aim of avoiding  surgeries and life-long medication for pain relief. A portion of their  profits go towards supporting non profit organizations to help neglected  and abused animals and children.

Light  Force Therapy is kindly donating a therapy unit to The Golden Carrot,  so that we can use  it on the resident horses. We may also offer the therapy to both humans  and horses outside of The Golden Carrot on a consultation basis. Please  take a look at their site, which explains the details of this unique  method.

Light  Force Therapy
web site

Winnie's  Cookies
owned  by Carolyn Kooken - (800) 810-9466

Winnies supplies  organic, nutritional animal feeds and treats.
Winnies has donated countless broken cookies as treats for the horses  - so we thank Carolyn for he kind generosity. Please visit Winnie's  site, and perhaps, give them a thought next time you need horse cookies  or any other organic animal feed products!

winnies  cookies

Pat  Parelli
Pat Parelli is a horse trainer who uses the Parelli Natural Horsemanship  method - PNH. The Golden Carrot is receiving a generous discount on  their products. Pat Parelli is managed by Bonnie Staggs.

Request  more Information about Parelli Natural Horsemanship from
Bonnie Staggs

Natural  Horse-Man-Ship
Pat Parelli

Check  out the Natural Horsemanship Web Ring. You will find the link at the bottom  of the Home Page

You  can order Pat Parelli's book now from by using the link to  the right ---->

I  want to thank everyone who sent a letter to the IRS agent on behalf  of The Golden Carrot, as these were helpful in swaying him  to the belief that the GC does provide a public service. I don't know  who all sent letters, but I received copies of letters from the following,  and some of these letters had me in tears!

Patricia Keliher
Donna Finley
Susan Squires
Michele Hughes
Leslie Tripp

The  Fran Joswick Center
San Juan Capistrano is NARHA's closest facility for riding instructor  training for therapeutic riding. Dr. Moore works at the Joswick Center,  and when she visited on May 27, she brought with her a box of halters  from them, as a donation.

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