The Golden Carrot - Horses - Sunny


33 years old

15.2 hands Quarterhorse  Mare

Buckskin color

BELOW:  Craig Lyons riding Sunny

Sunny  - 33 year old quarter horse mare, 15.2 hands. This is a super, ex-posse mare, very forward and willing to carry anyone. She's been a great help  with the beginning riders - and she's also one of Mike's favorite rides.  I love her best, though, for something that has nothing to do with the kids. Bobby Sox had finally found a mare he loved Until his last few years when Inch became his woman he was devoted to Sunny - guarding her while she ate, and escorting her to her stall at night. She’s been alone since he died, so I try to show her extra attention.  She doesn't have any physical problems other  than her age - and so far that hasn't been a problem.

Shannon  Lyons riding Sunny

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