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Simply Red

29 + years old

16 hands Thoroughbred ex-race  gelding


Simply  Red - 29+ years old - 16 hand thoroughbred gelding, ex-race horse and  tremendously athletic jumper.  I wasn't sure Red would be a good  school horse, but as usual, Shannon Lyons got on his back and he was super.  His race horse training kept him well behaved as he was ponyed along and he is very close to completely sound. He came to me with a blown suspensory  ligament, and several hundred pounds underweight. Hed had an undiagnosed abcess in the same leg as the blown ligament; and probably the combination of infection and pain help to bring on a bout of flu - when the abscess blew out of his coronet band and the swelling began to subside, and the  antibiotics had a chance to work, he began to heal but the stable where he was living was unable to house him during a convalescent period.  So he came to me. He was very poor - Red has needed many years of recuperation. He was too old to fight off a combination of problems like that too easily - but he's now jumping out of his skin and the workout  with Shannon was just what the doctor ordered.  Red and Josh are inseparable friends.

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