The Golden Carrot - Horses - Shawnee


25 years old

16 hands Thoroughbred  ex-race Mare

Bay with small  star

Shawnee  - 25 year old Thoroughbred ex-race horse 16 hand mare - bay with small  star - this is an excitable and high energy mare, sound but with little hysterical quirks that make her an advanced ride.  I did use her as a school horse with Craig Lyons up - she'd forgotten how to  be ponied but was kind to her rider and moved out well once she got the  idea. This little girl was a school horse at PBRC and just a little too  hot to handle the jumping program. She loves to circle  the area at a nice walk, trot, canter, and take calm trail rides with her buddy Domino.  Mike Roth pays for her shoeing expenses.

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