The Golden Carrot - Horses - Sara


13 years old

16.1 hands Thoroughbred  / Belgian Draft Horse mix Mare


Sara  - 16.1 hand 13 year old Thoroughbred/Belgian draft horse mix, bay mare.  Dear Sara is a problem. The previous owner lied about her condition. She also didn't contribute anything when she sent Sara to me, and despite repeated promises to do so,  she never provided medical records.  Bottom line, Sara is a three legged horse. She’s not too responsive to medication for pain or swelling.  She is also prone to abscesses, often making her only a 2-legged horse!   Sara lives a happy life following  Bruhad around. Mike rode her out on trail one day and she was OK, so occasionally we do that.  I want to begin lunging her, at least, because she has an amazing appetite and like me, can gain weight just thinking about food.  We call Sara the D-8 - after the Caterpillar tractor that can bulldoze just about anything down - her stall required extra reinforcement because if she got bored or hungry, she would just dismantle the stall and cruise out.

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