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Although some horses just need rest and company when they get to a certain  age, many retired horses thrive on gentle work, which takes account of  their age and condition. The Golden Carrot is a non-profit, public benefit  corporation which offers educational services to appropriate organizations,  such as Scouting groups and schools. Here, groups of children can learn  the maintenance, training and riding of horses, and the special care needed  for disabled and old horses.

You can take riding lessons in exchange for your work here: cleaning stalls, and grooming  and feeding the horses. Would you like to do this too?





The Golden Carrot is a 24 acre facility located in an  isolated area bordering the Cahuilla Indian Reservation in Southern  California. It's a great location for camping, riding, hiking, and living  with the wildlife around. We offer Day camps, weekends, and more, in  which the participants actually care for the horses, feeding and watering  them three times a day, and they groom, tack and learn to ride their  steeds in a lesson situation. It's hard work, but a lot of fun!

To find out if your organization can benefit or help, please  email (press the contact button at the top of the page) or call directly at the number above. Alternatively, check out the Donations  page to see how you can help!

Local children, Emi and Alex Williams, volunteer after homework is done to earn free lessons in riding. Below, you can see them learning to groom, lead and ride Jet. Their older sister Ashley has also helped out at TGC and will probably be able to earn “community service” points at school for this work.  Do your girls need to earn community service credits?  Call TGC - we’ll be glad to have you!

Right: Jet gives his opinion of backwards riding ...

Alex gets his chance in the saddle.

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