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Above, Tiffany and Marshall Beck, Father/Daughter Farrier Team

Below, Our  Veterinarian:

Dr. Kent Patton DVM

Stall Builders, Helpers and Hayhaulers

Mary Tuttle and Alex Vanderhorst

and Mike Roth

Tiffany and Marshall Beck
(760) 723 6633

Dr. Patton and Jet have a discussion about the state of Jet’s teeth, and what the doc can do about it. It all takes place in the cool of the cross-ties.

Tiffany works on Shawnee. Towards the end of the day the shade is almost gone, but there’s still enough to keep the sweat down.

This is Mike Roth’s new Truck and Trailer, which we’ve used to haul as many as 60 bales of hay at a time.  Before, the most we could move was 28 bales - and we use 30 per week! What a relief.

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