The Golden Carrot - Horses - Orion


29 years old

16.3 hands Thoroughbred  gelding

dark brown

Andy  with Orion

Orion  - 16.3 hand Thoroughbred gelding - black with white ankle bracelets - approximately 29 years  old. Orion is the cherished friend of Donna Gawne  - one of my largest contributors. Donna kept Ori as long as she could  but showed true character in acknowledging his age and difficulties. He's bonded with Andy.  Not only are they inseparable, but when Andy colicked last fall, each time Orion called me out hours before I would normally have found Andy down - getting treatment early can make all hte difference with colic.  In addition, just yesterday 7/29/02, Orion called me out at midnight.  I had just fed at 10PM and everyone was fine, but Oriís been right before - this time, Trilby had cast herself in her stall and was in distress just trying to breathe - if he had not called me, she would have died in the night, Iím positive. What a guy!

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