The Golden Carrot - News - May 2000


We  have to move, in a hurry.

 PLEASE find a way to help us, with a DONATION of MONEY - or TIME!

The  Golden Carrot has to move. There are good and bad aspects to this.

The new location  (if we can get it) is much more horse suitable and much more accessible  and quite close to Dr. McConnell, and with financial assistance and  the miracles of our mortgage broker Stu Schlegel, we will own it.  The bad part is well have to move quickly, when every penny we can  scrounge up is spent on down and closing costs.

In order to provide  the horses with good weather proof stalls (Anza gets MUCH more rain,  snow and wind than Aguanga), and fence in the horse areas, Mike and  I will have to be working hard on top of our jobs and the usual chores.  I have made requests to every lumber store I can find for possible  deals and donations. My farrier has offered his 3 horse trailer, and  with ours we can move the horses in only 4-5 trips.

However,  lumber has to be bought, hay will be needed in 3 weeks; bagged feed  will need to be purchased 2-3 times before the move, truck rental  to move all the horse things (including what lumber we can salvage  from the existing stalls) and ourselves will be $600, tractor rental  (to smooth and level the area where well rebuild the stalls) at least  $400, PVC pipe for watering, nails, etc etc etc, we come to the point of my letter:

HELP!  If you intended to donate - NOW IS THE TIME!!

In order to buy  this place Mike and I have to scrounge up $8,000 for a minimal down  payment and closing costs. We can just barely do that. The property  has two wells, two septics, two electric and phone connections, but  only one residence. We need to buy a cheap mobile home for me to live  in. Because of our minimal down payment, our monthly nut will be high  - we can do it, BUT with all these costs at once, we need help.

If  ANYONE wants to donate a days work - whoopee! Right now,  Mike and I will have to pack up and move, dismantle the old and remantle  the new. Mike will have to use a week of his vacation, but I don't  have paid vacation - I'll have to keep working, keep doing the chores  and move on top of that. That puts quite a burden on Mike alone. His  friend, Bob Stager has offered to help if the timing is such that  he can take off work. I can offer coffee and doughnuts for breakfast,  and pizza or subs for lunch - maybe a good plan is to come help on  a Saturday - stay over in Temecula and stroll through Old Town and  have a leisurely breakfast Sunday morning before heading home. A nice  weekend, hey? We're talking the 2nd, 3rd or 4th week of February -  Maybe.

Those of you who  have bought property know this is all a little vague at this point.  We have made the offer and I believe the offer meets the sellers needs.  But then, it's back in the hands of the lender. Our mortgage broker  is a miracle worker - basically he has surmounted the obstacles of  a large property, and no real down payment, etc. He is INCREDIBLE.  The minute I have a more definite day to suggest, I'll ask Carol to  post a new bulletin on the site. So keep checking it, and check your  calendars in the meantime.

Please  call or e-mail me with any suggestions or offers.

 The sooner I  know what we can depend on in the way of dinero or manual labor, the  better I can plan. I appreciate anything you can do. Remember, when  it comes to money, no amount is too small.THANKS!

 At this point,  real quick, I'd like to acknowledge another donation received from Portuguese Bending Riding Club - Kelly Dunphy  made a generous donation, and an anonymous donor sent me $2 cash.THANK YOU!

Even  that $2 paid for 7 horses to have one meal!

Also, thanks toMimi Galdi - a single mother who found the money and the time to donate it! That's  not easy for any of us - and a single mom has a full plate to begin  with. Thanks Mimi!

FINALLY - may  I also take this opportunity to THANK those of you who responded to  my last whining and complaining newsletter. I didn't mean to sound  so sour, but felt I needed to let everyone know - donations depend  on YOU. If everyone thinks someone else is donating - nothing happens.  I received a great response, and in fact, 1999 topped out at $1500  more than 1998. Thanks to all of you - but  don't stop!These guys KEEP EATING! And the more donations I can get, the more I can do to  increase programs for the kids, and in a pinch, maybe rescue more  horses. Your support is still needed.

Thanks Again,

Casey OConnor


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